Natural Equine Remedies




Welcome to Natural Equine Remedies.

Here you can learn how to restore optimum health for your horse,using natural nutrition, herbal remedies, homeopathy, and essential oils.


The only  book to help you when your horse has health issues, lameness, or just not quite thriving.

The only book that  shows you how to feed your horse naturally, saving you time & money. 

If you're a Horse Lover who wants to know the secrets of

preventing equine illness, injuries,  or disease then you can learn natural herbal remedies to restore great health.


 In fact, if you want to  save your horses life and restore wellness after an injury or illness then this book is for you.

Natural Equine Remedies  will give you the answers to 6 important questions and challenges every horse lover faces, including: 

  1. How natural nutrition with minerals restores your horses health 
  2. How you can help your horse before the vet arrives
 3. How to save money and time 
  4. How to locate your horses vital points
  5. Herbal remedies to help your horse
  6. How to communicate with your horse as to what he needs to restore his health 

So, if you're serious about your horses health or want to know what to do before the Vet arrives,
then  grab a copy of 
Natural Equine Remedies Today

Natural Equine Remedies